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The Last Month of Summer

Loveland Pass

It’s mid-August and summer is quickly coming to a close. Read More→


Mark, Chris, Me

Wow, what was that?

I dunno, but it was sum’in fast.

That, my friend, was time flying by. Read More→

Between the Wines

Golden Retreiver

Maggie the golden retriever was the welcoming committee for my sister’s Between the Wines Book Club. They’re a great bunch of girls and meeting them was worth the seven hour drive back to my home town of Newton, Kansas. This was the first chance I’ve had to speak with readers of Finding Daddy Warbucks. Read More→

Evergreen Road Trip

BMW Garage

I’m always searching for a twisting road and a good restaurant. Both of those things can be found on the road to Evergreen. Read More→

Rita, Guac, Chips, Salsa, and the Fourth of July

Chips n Salsa

I’ve been meaning to go to the Cherry Creek Arts Festival ever since moving back to Denver. This year, I finally got around to attending. They host it every summer around the Fourth of July. It was a fun time and gave me the opportunity to try out one of the great restaurants in Cherry Creek Village. Read More→

Summer’s Vicarious Vacation

chain walk

Summers and vacations are best seen through a kid’s eye, but remember to look both ways. Read More→

A Little OHP in DTC

Mark and Amanda came up yesterday to attend a wedding in Lakewood and spent the night up here with me. So you know what that means—breakfast!

Original House of Pancakes

This is the Original House of Pancakes in the Denver Tech Center. Read More→

Simple is Best

Sam’s No. 3 is a breakfast institution here in Denver.

Sam's No. 3

This is their Aurora location and it’s my nephew Mark’s favorite breakfast place when he comes up to visit. He and his new bride Amanda came up this last Memorial Day weekend. It was the first I had seen them since the wedding and married life seems to be agreeing with them. Read More→

Spring Snow in the High Country

It’s springtime in Colorado and that means snow in the mountains.

Snow Hi Country 1

We don’t choose the dates we get to use our time-share condo up in Avon. We just wait and see what we get each year. This year, one of our weeks was the end of April-beginning of May. So we noted the date and hoped for good weather. Read More→

Grilling Season

This is the first steak of the 2014 grilling season. Rib-eye & Martini

For me, grilling season begins on the first day it’s warm enough to grill. I figure somewhere in the 70’s is warm enough. I go out, buy a couple of rib eye steaks, throw one on the grill, and either fix myself a cocktail or grab a beer. I like to text photos of me grilling to my nephew Mark just to let him know grill season has officially begun. In the past, he responded with his own grill photos, but things have changed. Read More→