Enjoy the Blur

I escaped from Kansas, narrowly avoiding a spring snow storm. I decided to drive my Bimmer instead of the Jeep, and I’m not interested in tackling the snow in the Bimmer. Yes, there’s a BMW hiding underneath that snow covered tarp. Apres-Ski 1

I’ve driven the Bimmer into a snowstorm once before, while returning to Colorado from Kansas. That was a few years ago in November. I reached Limon when a driving snowstorm appeared out of nowhere, forcing me to stop for the night. In the morning, I-70 was covered in snow and ice, and like a fool, I struck out and drove home, top speed 40 mph. I made it, past stalled and slipping semi-trucks, and numerous cars in the ditch. I decided that I never wanted to repeat that feat in the Bimmer again. Read More→


We change, and I’m not referring to our bodies getting older.

Changes 1

I’m referring to our likes and dislikes, our motivations, our thrills. I’ve known this all my life, but it still causes me some frustration. I wish I could retain that thrill from my youth. But alas, it is not to be. Read More→

Beaver Creek

This is Beaver Creek Village. Beaver Creek 1

It sits just up from the town of Avon, Colorado, which you can see in the background at the foot of those snow covered hills. The sun came out just for this photo. I’ve been up here the entire week and have only seen the sun sporadically. I head back down to Denver tomorrow. Read More→

The Game Remains the Same

This is the view from the top of North Peak at Keystone Ski Resort in Colorado.

The Game 1

I make sure to get up and ski during the week because the weekend traffic and the lift lines are horrendous.

I learned to ski with my family back in the 70’s. Family at Keystone


I learned to ski at Breckenridge. It was a very different world back then. Skiing wasn’t that popular and it was sort of a snooty sport. I distinctly remember that the instructors and staff at Breckenridge weren’t all that friendly. When Keystone opened, we decided to give it a try. The difference was startling. The people working at Keystone were nice. My entire family noticed. We never returned to Breckenridge. Read More→

Holidays Past

David Hwa-Holidays Past 4

Holiday decorations sit waiting to go back into storage.

David Hwa-Holidays Past 2

Unused wrapping paper lies strewn across the dining room table.  Read More→

The Long Drive Home

David Hwa-The Long Drive Home 1

It takes a little over eight hours to drive from Denver/Colorado Springs to Kansas City. As you can see, it’s not the world’s most interesting or scenic route. But it’s the drive back for the holidays, the drive back to see family; it’s the long drive home.

It’s pretty much the same drive I made since being in college at the University of Colorado at Boulder. I am very familiar with the drive and every little town and stop along the way. Back in my college days there was only one McDonald’s along the entire route. It was in Hays, Kansas and there was a phone booth there (Remember what those were?), where I would call home to let them know my progress. Now, there are countless McDonald’s along the route accompanied by other fast food selections and even a Starbucks in Colby, Kansas.  Read More→

Dam Straight


Dam Straight 1


This is one of my favorite beers, the Dam Straight Lager.


It’s a award winning beer, brewed by the Dillon Dam Brewery in Dillon, Colorado. I discovered this golden elixir with my nephew Mark after a day of hard skiing up at Keystone Ski Resort. The memory of that day continues to color my glowing opinion of this lager.   Read More→

The Evening Sky

David Hwa-The Evening Sky 1

“Scraaack, scraaack!” That’s the sound of my neighbor Lynn raking the rocks around her yard. Here in my subdivision the homes all have similar landscaping that often includes layers of decorative rock instead of grass. Denver has a high desert climate and growing grass gets expensive, hence the rock.

I can’t tell you why Lynn is raking her rocks and I didn’t ask. They looked fine to me. I just smiled and waved. Now, my rocks are covered by leaves from the fall. I didn’t get to them before the first snow so they remain in my backyard unraked. So if anyone should be raking their rocks it’s me.  Read More→


David Hwa-Cold-EezeI woke up this morning with a sore throat. I hate getting sick. Life is tough enough without feeling like you’re going to fall over or puke every time you move. When I first put this website together my entire team of web specialists were either having surgery or a close member of their family was having surgery. It’s a reminder of how fragile this life is for each of us, and our loved ones.

My Mom is getting on in years and lives in an assisted living home. She is happy and doing well. But we see the subtle deterioration that comes with advanced age and we don’t know how much longer we’ll have her. This reminds me to cherish the time I spend with her and the rest of my family. Read More→


David Hwa-Survivor 1Nigerian man survives 3 days at bottom of Atlantic: At the end of 2013 a YouTube video of a man being rescued from a sunken tug boat at the bottom of the Atlantic became viral. If you haven’t yet seen it, you should take a look. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vzhi5a0M3jM

The Associated Press released an article about the rescue in December 2013. It is an amazing story of survival. A tug boat was towing an oil tanker in Nigeria’s oil-rich Delta waters David Hwa-Survivor 2when it suddenly capsized and sank around 4:30 a.m. on May 26, 2013.

Harrison Odjegba Okene was the tug’s cook and the only survivor. The other eleven crew members perished. Okene was trapped in a small air pocket inside the tug at the bottom of the ocean for three days before being rescued.

David Hwa-Survivor 3The divers were not expecting to find survivors. They had already pulled up four bodies when they saw Okene’s hand. The diver grabbed it expecting another body, but Okene grabbed back and the diver realized that he had found a survivor.

Okene had spent his time praying and contemplating the Psalms. His wife Akpovona had called him the night before and told him to read Psalms 54 to 92. The specific Psalms deal with several topics but there is an overall theme of deliverance and trust in God. Okene views his rescue after three days as divine deliverance. It’s hard to disagree.  Read More→