Independence Pass

Independence Pass is an appropriate spot to consider the significance of one’s birthdays. Obeying the Mandy Rule: Find reasons to celebrate; I spent a day driving around in the mountains the week of my birthday.

Birthdays often herald milestones in one’s life. Turning 18 is a dubious milestone. You technically become an adult, can vote, be drafted, but you can’t buy alcohol. You have to wait until 21 to do that. I believe car rental agencies won’t rent to anyone under 25, like that’s special moment.


For me, independence is the real milestone (Did you see how I tied that in?). Financial independence and more importantly independence in my choices and how I live my life. The second part is the real trick, because most of us simply live out the lives our upbringing has programmed us to live. There’s no specific birthday that can free you of that.

Fly fishing

When I was still in high school my oldest sister was approaching the ripe old age of 30 and my parents were afraid she would be an “old maid.” Seriously, old at 30, how warped is that? My other sister got married at 22, and Mom thought that was too young. So you just can’t win.

My mom always told me that Dad married her when he was really old, again, 30 years old. She told me that I should get married way earlier than that. I think she gave up on me once I passed 50.




Speaking of romance…


I bought my Bimmer because it reminded me of a first love. I’m talking about the Triumph GT6. I saw the GT6 once when I was still in high school. It was accelerating away from me up an on ramp to I-35. It was love at first sight. I’ve been chasing it, in some form or another, ever since. So why not buy the original GT6? Are you kidding? A 70’s era British sports car? Those things were pieces of crap, beautiful, but completely unreliable, more work than they’re worth.

Hmm, that sounds a little like the women I date. See, more programming, which brings me back to independence. Buying a car, because it reminds you of a young love, is harmless. Not so harmless when applied to your dating life.

Mark and Amanda

Speaking of young love, Mark and Amanda stopped by to help me celebrate my birthday.

Surf & Turf

And what better way to celebrate than by grilling up some surf and turf, steaks and bacon wrapped scallops.

Unfortunately, I forgot that my license expired on my birthday this year. That means I had to spend an hour or so at the DMV. Now, I can’t imagine what might have caused me to want to forget about that. Well, at least I remembered to celebrate!